Problem gambling does not avoid you

Are you afraid of becoming game addicted? You have to know that it is not surprising: ludomania is widely known to be a harmful type of gambling addiction. This is a filling which leads you to urgently gamble although it may have negative and harmful consequences. This term is also known as compulsive gambling. In the clinical sense of the word the problem gambling is regarding in many ways. It can be harmful either for the gambler or for his/her family member. This kind of impulsive control disorder is considered as an addiction.

There are extreme cases of problem gambling. It is also known in the DSM-III, but the criterion of psychiatric disorder was reworked on large scale studies. But later on it was renamed as DSM-IV disorder, which means that this impulsive control disorder is in fact mental illness.

In fact it is separated from a manic episode, but how can you know that you are addicted to gambling? You have to have up to three symptoms, like: preoccupation, chasing, tolerance, loss of control. But even if you feel irritability connected to the desire to cease or to reduce gambling you are diagnosed as addicted to gambling. It is also very often that the subject always lies and tries to hide the gambling habits; he/she lies to his/her family or therapeutics. The thoughts are always about gambling memories. The most frequent sign of this disorder is the unsuccessfully attempts of giving up gambling. He always wants to live the experience of wagering but he always also tries to escape from the problems, even family or material issues. Sometimes he/she even risks of losing friends, or other relationships. As a result of wagering the person frequently turns for financial assistance in order to be able to play.

This DSM-IV is widespread known in researches, international research too.

If you read this article you can decide on your own if you suffer from this disorder. Of course, it is very difficult to recognize that the desire of gambling means a sickness for some people. Never forget the power of the family is bigger than you can imagine. Consider well the possibilities and abilities. Don't wager more than you think; even you know blackjack, baccarat or poker. Although you know well all the games, Fortune can leave you in the moment you even don't want to believe! Trust in the probability but play with clear mind!